VAX VMS 4.6 Distribution zum Download verfügbar

15.2.2019 - Einer Aussendung von Andy Hoffman auf der info-vax Mailing List steht eine VAX VMS v4.6 Distribution zum Download bereit:

Hier finden Sie den Text der Aussendung:

I finished the VAX VMS 4.6 distribution this afternoon and it may be downloaded from here:

If anyone knows where a copy of LSE for VMS4 may be fpond, please do let me know and I will include it in a new distro.

This one contains the following (I have installed everythingand sone cursory tests):

	1)  DECnet Phase IV (both routing and non-routing)
	2)  BASIC	v3.2
	3)  BLISS	v4.4
	4)  CDD		v3.4
	5)  CMS		v3.0
	6)  DATATRIEVE	v4.1
	7)  FORTRAN	v4.6
	8)  VAXCLISTER	v1.0
	9)  MMS		v2.4
	10) Pascal	v3.6
	11) VAXRDB	v2.3
	12) RSX		v2.3
	13) VAXC	v2.4
	14) A couple of command procedures which may (or may not) be useful.

My thanks to everyone, especially Tim, for helping find the old products. Any comments on improvements would be appreciated.